Featuring: High Point – Greensboro – Madison

Founding Fathers Distillery

Founding Fathers Distillery is located on the Old Parsons Farm (est. 1764), a favored staging point in the American Revolution along the Deep River at the Point of Victory and Birth of a Nation. At Founding Fathers Distillery, they believe quality is more important than quantity. Their whisky is produced from small batches and aged in single barrels of New Charred American White Oak. The barrels are made to their specifications by the finest Cooperage, toasted and charred to meet design profiles, and aged according to quality and performance standards established by the distiller and designer. All of their spirits are designed and created, fermented and distilled, aged and bottled, all under one roof with care, craft, and quality establishing the benchmark in every step. The interactions of the distiller, the spirits, and the art of the oak are in every bottle, every sip, every aroma, and every nuance of its complex flavor profile.

Fainting Goat Spirits

Fainting Goat Spirits is a family-owned and operated small-batch craft spirits distillery producing the Gate City’s first legal spirits since 1908.

Their hands-on grain to glass distilling process and use of only North Carolina sourced grains makes them stand out from the crowd.

Taste the difference in their international award-winning spirits. Their weekend tours and tastings are an excellent way to experience their true Grain to Glass Distillery.

To learn more, visit the website here. 

Piedmont Distillers

Piedmont Distillers in Madison was NC’s first legal distillery since prohibition. It has spent the last decade innovating a family of spirits that includes:

  • Catdaddy Spiced Moonshine
  • Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moonshine
  • Method And Standard vodka

Catdaddy Spiced Moonshine is a spicy yet sweet old-fashioned spirit blended in a small batch process. Piedmont’s line of NASCAR legend Junior Johnson’s (a.k.a. “the midnight runner”) brand of ‘shine is available in original recipe, 100 proof and in seven, handcrafted, real fruit infusions. The Midnight Moon brand also includes an American whisky. Method + Standard is Piedmont’s NC distilled vodka that is available in original, strawberry, apple spice and raspberry flavors.

While Piedmont Distillers does not have a tasting room at this time, Southern Spirits Bar & Grill in downtown Madison will gladly serve up cocktails featuring the locally made spirits. The company’s spirits can also be found in ABC stores throughout the United States and is sold worldwide.

To learn more, visit the website here.