Distilling is a family affair for this father-son team.

Fainting Goats Spirits

Bill Norman, Master Distiller, attended The Culinary Institute of America where he trained in the art of French cuisine. With his expert knowledge and refined palate, Bill has developed a discriminating taste when it comes to identifying and sourcing distinct flavor profiles for the hearts of his spirituous liquors.

Andrew Norman, Master Blender, is a true aficionado of liquor. He makes it his mission to taste every kind of liquor available, from craft distillers to large distilling companies – both domestic and foreign – recording taste profiles and studying labels.

Fainting goats are an oddity in the animal kingdom. While peculiar, their rarity makes them preferred by farmers and breeders alike. A fainting goat isn’t concerned when it does things differently because its whole life is a series of ups and downs. They don’t let others define their species as a whole because no goat is created equal. More importantly, when it falls down, it always gets back up again. At Fainting Goat Spirits, we embody the spirit of this animal. Some call us odd, some call us peculiar, but what we can tell you about us is this: if we fall down or get knocked down, we do get back up again, every time. We don’t mass-produce our spirits in a factory; we’re a small family of distillers who use their hands from grain to glass. Our 100% North Carolina grains are crafted in house to ensure quality flavor profiles. In this way, we’re an oddity too. We’re not interested in what the other guys do. Instead, we want to create spirits that challenge the average and routine. Try one of our bottles and we think you’ll agree that our take on spirits makes us stand out from the crowd.