Lexington, NC

Lee Hinkle, owner of Conrad & Hinkle Grocery and safe-keeper of the 103-year old family recipe, makes and sells their famous, southern cheese spread.

Conrad & Hinkle was established in 1919 by W.E. Conrad and E. Odell Hinkle and has remained in the same location since it first opened it’s doors. In 1927, W.E. Conrad sold his interest to E. Odell Hinkle after an illness. Instead of changing the name of the store to “Hinkle’s Grocery”, E. Odell Hinkle said it would be cheaper to leave the sign the same instead of changing it so the name has remained the same.

Conrad & Hinkle has been making our Famous Pimento Cheese for over 70 years, and Lee is continuing the family tradition. Conrad & Hinkle Pimento Cheese is made fresh daily, and can be purchased at their Uptown Lexington grocery location, as well as many markets in the southeast. Their Pimento Cheese comes in two flavors, traditional and spicy, and tastes great on crackers, burgers, celery or a plain ole piece of white bread!

To learn more, visit Conrad-Hinkle.com.