Beechwood Metalworks Inc. is a custom fabrication shop located in the heart of Burlington, North Carolina.

Founded in 2002 by Casey and Emily Lewis, Beechwood Metalworks is the result of a shared passion for metal sculpture and fabrication. Both Casey and Emily graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with BFAs, concentrating in Metal Sculpture. Prior to opening their own business, they gained technical experience working with metal fabrication shops, combining their functional and creative skills to bring unique metal designs to life.

Beechwood Metalworks has a team of talented artists and metalworkers, each with their own certifications, skills, and aesthetic vision. Renowned as creators of public art, their sculptures are featured at hospitals, museums, parks, and other public places throughout the United States and other countries. Each metal sculpture is handcrafted and hand-painted, using a blend of cutting-edge technology and “old school” metal forming techniques.