External shot of the Kaleideum Childrens Museum in downtown Winston-Salem

Inspired by the blending of art and science, Kaleideum is a perfect representation of a timeless space where children and adults can explore immersive exhibits that inspire wonder, curiosity, and lifelong learning outside the boundaries of a formal classroom. The name was inspired by the free choice learning experience of playing with a kaleidoscope.

By climbing the Beanstalk, exploring constellations in the Planetarium, creating a story in the Enchanted Forest, or discovering the forces of motion in our wind tunnel, Kaleideum is a place of constant change and challenges. Multifaceted, open-ended experiences prompt children to test theories, seek answers to questions, think critically, and explore at
their own pace — all skills that are necessary for their success in a world that constantly changes and continually surprises, yet remains wondrous for all ages.