International Civil Rights Center & Museum

Located in the former F.W. Woolworth retail store at 134 S. Elm St., this must-see vital piece of history takes visitors on a journey into American Civil Rights History with vivid photography, artifacts, video reenactments, and interactive galleries.

It was in Woolworth more than 60 years ago, that four teenage NC A&T State University students, known as the A&T Four, sat down at the “Whites Only” lunch counter and began America’s sit-in movement, credited for sparking a nationwide push for equality and justice for all. Today the ICRCM stands as a monument of courage and change.

Explore the story of the civil rights struggle in the United States as part of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum’s permanent galleries, The Battlegrounds. This engaging encounter includes captivating audio/video narratives, pictorial, artifacts, video re-enactments, and interactive components.