Greensboro Children’s Museum

At the Greensboro Children’s Museum, exhibits are catalysts for questions, exploration, and discovery, and the entire experience is a playground for the mind.

Designed to inspire hands-on learning through play, Greensboro Children’s Museum offers a fun, energetic and safe environment for all ages. Located in downtown Greensboro, children (and parents too!) can interact with more than 20 exhibits.

When visiting, guests will travel through the Neptune Lobby and stop to take a photo in the #BigRedChair before heading out to the Outdoor Play Plaza. The Outdoor Play Plaza taps into a child’s creative level of problem solving, teaching children how to go from point A to point B with no specified path, and the rope structures allow for visibility while kids play. Once back indoors, kids can play and explore at any of the realistic and hands-on exhibits such as the grocery store, the theater, kitchen and so much more.