Forgotten Road Ales

If you haven’t heard of Forgotten Road Ales founders, Ben + Janée, and their brewpup Mac, it might be time to take a visit to one of their two locations.

On their first date, they bonded over their love of craft beer. A year later, Ben was stationed in Afghanistan while serving in the Marine Corps. He told Janée that he wanted to open a brewery once he returned home. Specializing in brewing barrel aged beers, wild and sour beers, & hazy IPAs, their award winning brews are truly something unique.

The name Forgotten Road Ales is a tribute to veterans and everyone who is currently serving in the military. The branding and logo design are based on Ben’s final rank of Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps.

FRA operates two tap houses, their flagship brewery in Graham, NC and a taphouse in Greensboro, NC. Come for a visit, drink some great beer and participate in any of the possible nightly events going on (monthly veteran nights, dog socials, Dino Day Fest, food truck nights, and more!)