Lake Mackintosh

Just outside of the Burlington City limits, the scenic Lake Mackintosh Park and Marina is open for the public to enjoy.

Lake Mackintosh Park & Marina was developed in 1993 and is the primary water reservoir for the citizens of Burlington. It covers over 1150 acres and has a shoreline of 61 miles. The lake is fed by two tributaries, the Greater Alamance and Little Alamance Creeks. These creeks have been the primary source of stocking fish for the lake.

The lake not only caters to the fisherman, but was developed as an overall recreational site for all to enjoy. Features of the lake include: picnic sites, sailing, paddle boat rentals, 6 boat ramps, pier/bank fishing,  open picnic shelter, playground, kayak rentals, row boat rentals, and 2 fish feeders. An enclosed rental building overlooking the lake is available for private rentals which accommodates 125.